Friday, June 17, 2016

New ATV Utility For Hunting Land Landscaping

When we were working with the folks at to find deer hunting land last year we wanted to landscape the property with food plots in order to attract deer and keep them in the area for deer hunting season.

Planting food plots can be a real challenge to do by hand.  Luckily we found this website which sells a simple to use ATV attachment perfectly suited for food plot use.

If you own land and intend to use it for deer hunting, landscaping with food plots can be very beneficial. Check out this ATV tool to make the whole food plot process tons easier!

Fake Rocks For Home Owners

One of the most common questions I get from new home owners is "How do we cover that ugly septic tank in the yard?"

Up until recently I didn't really have much of an answer to provide because there wasn't much on the market. Luckily, things have changed recently and now people can buy fake rocks that not only look real but are made hollow inside so they can be placed over objects in the yard in order to quickly and easily disguise them and hide them from view.

The fake rocks are manufactured using a super durable and light weight plastic so they are easy to use and can be moved out of the way with no problem should access to whatever is underneath be required.

There are different models of fake rocks, some for septics, vents, utility boxes, electrical boxes, irrigation valves and more.

Plus, these mock rocks are totally string trimmer proof, so you never have to worry about messing them up with the mower when trimming around them.  Great product here for any home owner!

My New Landscaping Blog

Hello, here's where I plan to write about exciting new home landscaping products people can use to increase the curb appeal and general appearance of their homes.

As a landscape architect I see a lot of new landscaping and gardening products come and go. Some are great products, others not so much. My intention is to use this blog to help real estate owners, home owners and hunting land owners better manage their property with the best products on the market.